Here is the team:

Board of Directors
Sharon Nielsen
Margie McDonald
Gary Mononi

Conservation Advisors
Dr. Russell Mittermeier
Karl Burkart
Dr. John Hurst
Dr. Peggy Dulaney
Dr. Jack Dangermond
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
Robert Mellin
Kris Tompkins
Nina Kantcheva
Symon Simon
Enrique Ortiz

Legal Support
Sharon Want
Lisa Reichenbach
Doug Varley

Accounting and Internal Audit Support
Erik Satow
Michael Fontanello
Carol Duffield
Mai Gong
Mike Suh

Project Partners
Global Wildlife Conservation
Rainforest Trust
Andes Amazon Fund
Environmental Research Institute, University of Belize
Cloud Forest Conservation Imaging
The Nature Conservancy
Nature and Culture International
Amazon Conservation Association
Green Growth Suriname
Wildlife Conservation Society